I have wanted to insert the cycle footsteps because they could be a valid run to face the historical center in Rome in ecological Sundays of block of the traffic, in those occasions to turn in bike the Eternal City turns him into a pleasure that instead with the traffic there could not be.

The most greater part of the cycle ones untie him in the parks and in the historical villas but two layouts they are particularly interesting to tourist level: the Tevere Nord-Sud and the layout Appia Antica.

Tevere Nord-Sud

From the denomination is easily understood that the footstep races along the river in Rome, it is long almost km. 40; part (North) from Castel Giubileo and it arrives (South) to the bridge of Mezzocammino, crossing the whole City.

Obviously it doesn't need to cross her/it all but to climb from the thin bank the road plan in correspondence of the tourist places. You can impress the length but him it treats street in plain.

For a coincidence there am 1 Equipped Area and 1 Camping to the 2 extreme and therefore to reach the center will need to cross around Km. 14 to a large extent absorbed in the river nature.

From North: Camping" Flaminio Village"

From South: Equipped area" Tor Di Valle"

For info to consult " campsite"

Appia Antica

Around 6 kilometers in the park of the road" Regina Viarum" From Door St. Sebastiano to the Great Link Ring finger.

In the run they are found: The basilica of St. Sebastiano and her catacombs, the Catacombs of St. Callisto, the Mausoleum of Romolo - the villa of Massenzio, the Circus of Massenzio.

During the journey a lot of archaeological testimonies to the shade of the pines celebrated by a lyric of Ottorino Respighi that it describes the reentry of the legions to Rome: "The pines in Rome"

You cycle it also extends him for the whole park of the Appia Ancient, with ramifications in the park of the aqueducts and in the park of the Caffarella.