foto taxi di Roma

Often, sojourning in equipped area or camping, the evening we avoid to go out because doing late we would not find the half public anymore or for tied up safety motives to the peripheral location of the areas of standstill, without thinking that Rome offers a furnished service instead Taxi with booking to the numbers that I furnish you under.

Some frightens him for the held figures some dear ones while to well to think is an expense that is repaid by the beauty of the city disguised as nighttime.

You can also be booked taxi by 6 passengers (also more than one) both to the going and to the return.


  • Cooperativa Radiotaxi Romana
    tel. 06 3570 oppure 63898
  • Radiotaxi La Capitale tel. 06 4994
  • Radiotaxi Cosmos tel. 06 88177
  • Radiotaxi tel. 066645
  • Radiotaxi Tevere tel. 06 4157
  • Radiotaxi Samarcanda
    tel. 06 5551

Taxi point


  • L.go Torre Argentina (tra Pantheon e Trastevere)
  • pza. Fiume (Villa Borghese)
  • pza. G. Belli (Trastevere)
  • ple. Ostiense
  • pza. S.Silvestro (Fontana di Trevi), pza. dei Cinquecento (stazione Termini)
  • pza. della Repubblica
  • pza. del Colosseo
  • ple. della Stazione Tiburtina
  • metrò A Anagnina
  • ple. della Stazione del Lido (Ostia)
  • piazza S. Pietro
  • pza. Risorgimento (Vaticano)