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We still come down along via Garibaldi and continuing to come down from the ladders that are at the beginning of V.L. Manara and we worm its way into the characteristic alleys of Trastevere, in a short time, directing us towards S. Maria della Scala and continuing, we arrive in Piazza Trilussa,


monumento a trilussa

the public square is dedicated to the great roman dialectal poet, besides the monument to Trilussa (photo on the left) can see “the fontanone” therefore returns towards Vicolo del Moro and piazza De' Renzi noticing that the alleys are full of coffee, alehouses, restaurants and pizzerias also with tables outside, this characterizes all the district Trastevere.
We continue continuing in one of the ways that carry towards S. Maria in Trastevere square; center of the life of the characteristic quarter for the popular air that conserve, in the public square is the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

santa maria in trastevere

The church founded in IV the century, and reconstructed in the current form from Pope Innocent II, has the adorned facade of mosaics with to the flank a Romanesque bell tower.

Inside the precious Byzantine mosaics are visible (photo on the left) on the life of Madonna.
We leave again from the public square and let us head towards Tree-lined avenue Trastevere walking about to the Lungaretta, arrived in the tree-lined avenue on the left we notice the monument and the public square dedicated to the other great roman dialectal poet: G.G. Belli

This is the tree-lined avenue beginning Trastevere that cuts in two the ancient district, in Sonnino public square is possible to visit the basilica of San Crisogono with the "ciborio" of G.B. Soria and the containing basements the remainders of the paleocristiana basilica, of forehead and a little more ahead, in a little square is visible the remainders of the roman barracks of the Vigili della VII° coorte, therefore the walk continues penetrating in the alleys to the left of tree-lined avenue Trastevere to us until to arrive in

scultura santa cecilia

Via di Santa Cecilia and to the homonymous paleochristian basilica, where, besides the remainders of I fresco it of the Little horses can be admired the Gothic canopy of Arnolfo di Cambio above all [the 1283] and sculpture of Santa Cecilia realized in the 1600 from Stefano Maderno (photo left.).
Exited from S. Cecilia we head to right therefore we still turn to right in Via Madonna dell'orto and on the left resuming Via Anicia until to arrive in Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi

bernini ludovica albertoni

In the church of Saint Francesco a Ripa, (in the annexed Benedictine convent it lodged the Saint patron of Italy) beyond to some virtue works, is accommodated the last work of Gianlorenzo Bernini: the wonderful sculpture of the Beata Ludovica Albertoni returned most luminous from two invisible windows.
Other four steps between the alleys of Trastevere and are arrived in Piazza Mastai with into the center the Fontana di Pius IX, from it can here be gone towards via manara and seeing Fontana del Prigione or we can return towards Piazza Sonnino and reach lungotevere backwards opposite the Tiberina island covering the route “from the Aventino to the Tiberina Island”

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Places and visited works of tourist interest in this route
Rome Trastevere:

4- S. Maria della Scala
5- Vicoli - Trilussa: monumento a Trilussa - Fontanone
6- S. Maria Trastevere: Church and fountain
7- San Crisogono
8- Santa Cecilia
9- San Francesco a Ripa
10- Fontana Pio IX
11- Fontana del Prigione
12- Porta Settimiana
13- Orto Botanico


photogallery Gianicolo e Trastevere

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