i fori visti dal campidoglio

The forums

The Forums are the richest archaeological area; the area extends him from the slopes of the Capitol, to the Palatine one, grazing the Colosseum and almost arriving until under the Quirinale (also considering the markets Traianei and the Column Traiana, divided by the holes by the inauspicious realization,  in the years of the fascist regime, of Street of the Imperial forums). They have always been, even if with different functions, the center of the city, up to the collapse of the empire.

fori imperiali During the centuries the area, abandoned, she was used as it extracts of marbles and stones, they are many the buildings and the fountains that have" pieces" of holes. With the aid of the guides in sale it is possible possession an it conceives of the beauty and of the importance that these buildings dressed again in the centuries when Rome was" Caput Mundi"

I confine me to signal you the various forums and the most famous monuments, also because (alas) I am not an archaeologist, I am alone one who is excited to walk in the history.

In the area of the forums they are visible: The Lapis Niger (the most ancient rest), the temple of Castore and Polluce, the temple of the Harmony, the temple of Venus and Rome, the Basilica Emilia, the arc of Settimio Severo, the arc of Tito, the Basilica Julia, the temple of Antonino and Faustina, the temple of Romolo, the Basilica of Massenzio and the column of Foca(last monumental laying).

The forum of Caesar was build after the victory on Pompeo following the vote of Caesar to Venus Genitrice mother of Enea and mythical ancestor of the people Julia, in fact the visible temple was also devoted her at the end of the same forum.

augustus forum

The forum of August he was built for celebrating the victory on Cassio and Brute (Caesar's assassins) also here the rests of the erect temple to Mars Ultore (avenger) mythical progenitor, because held divine father of Romolo.

The forum of Nerva was made to build from Domiziano but it is so denominated because ended by Nerva. Few stays to see because big part is ended under Street of the Imperial forums. The Temple of Minerva, present in this hole, he has suffered, as other famous monuments, the dispossession to use the materials in other buildings or fountains during the Papal kingdoms.

The forum of Traiano was built following the victory on the Give us, it is the greatest hole; to realize a hillock was cut him/it: The Velia. After all to the hole it is also the greatest Roman basilica: the Ulpia.

traiano's markets

The Markets Traianei has almost been intact, the column Traiana that victory represents in the war of Dacia of the 105 d towers. C. La column is formed from 19 blocks of marble and a staircase to snail it brings to the top. The whole figures that you/they edge her they document the arts and the customs of the Romans and the Give us and the history of the battles among the two people. Tall around 40 meters it has a diameter of 3,5 meters, on the summit the statue of Traiano was set of which the fate is not known; the statue that she is seen today represents St. Pietro.



in base to the legend and recoveries of huts of the age of the iron, Rome was born.

The Palatine one became then the hill of the great imperial residences: the" imperial Domus"; they was rich of sculptures, temples, libraries, thermal baths and even a stadium.


The rests of the are visible:

Domus Augustana

Domus Flavia

Domus Severiana

Domus Tiberiana ---- the Domus Tiberiana in practice is under him" gardens Farnesiani", a botanical garden realized by the Vignola on commission of the Cardinal Alessandro Farnese in the XVI° century